Boy, 14, crashes vehicle while 46-year-old was drinking in backseat.

January 16, 2017

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Boy, 14, crashes vehicle while 46-year-old was drinking in backseat.

BRANCH TOWNSHIP — A 46-year-old Fountain woman was arrested by Mason County Sheriff’s deputies for allowing an unlicensed person to operate a vehicle and for open intoxicants in a vehicle following a rollover crash on Gibson Road near US 10 Saturday evening when a 14-year-old boy was driving.

No one was injured in the 6:06 p.m. crash, said Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.

“The investigation found that a 14-year-old male had driven the vehicle out of concerns the adult owner was too intoxicated to drive,” Cole said. “The owner, a 46-year-old Fountain woman, was reportedly consuming intoxicants while riding in the backseat when the crash took place. The vehicle’s owner was arrested at the scene and warrants are being requested.”

According to the sheriff, arraignment may take place later in the week. The courthouse is closed today due to observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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