Scottville = the town is tied. Share Warmth.

December 9, 2016

scottville_share_warmth_1scottville_share_warmth_2Scottville-The Town is Tied. Share Warmth.


By Becky Alway, staff writer.

Scottville caught the embers of some flames from other communities across the world to share warmth.  You will find scarfs, hats, mittens, socks tied and attached to things throughout the town.

Many go without.  This is just a small way for someone to to help themselves to an item without any income requirements or qualifiers.  Many don’t have cars let alone a place to sleep or a home.  They walk to places they need to get to enduring all of the elements.  Some families struggle to have all the appropriate winter accessories needed for their children or selves.

You will find a note attached to the item’s in Scottville. That reads:

“This is not lost. If you find this item tied or attached to something, know it is given with love and completely free. Take, receive and give it a home. Find warmth in this gift. Others may freely contribute by tying, donating items or material to share warmth. Change the temperature. “

If you are looking for ways to donate to help so others can create, here is a list of items. Contact

  • Used or new scarfs, hats, mitten, socks
  • Clothes pins
  • Large and medium safety pins
  • Rope/twine to attach clothes pins or tie things to
  • Yarn
  • Heart hole punch
  • Regular hole punch
  • Knitting/crocheting needles
  • Fleece
  • Fabric scissors
  • Blankets/quilts
  • Monetary donations used  for tags or materials to create more items.

scottville_share_warmth_3Visit the Facebook page Share Warmth and share the posts and pictures.  If you run across an item, take a picture and add it to social media to ask others to share warmth. To add an item that needs to be clipped you will find ropes and clothes pins tied downtown to attach them to.

Sometimes even the smallest gesture can brightened and warm someone’s day.  Our town is a beautiful picture of love. I think we raised our communities temperature.  Consider this an invite to help and participate if you are able. Share Warmth. Everywhere.

A simliar project is taking place on South James Street in Ludington.

Instagram – sharewarmthus


Facebook- Share Warmth

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