Scottville man sent to jail for assault.

December 7, 2016
Cory Hernandez with his attorney, John Conroy.

Cory Hernandez with his attorney, John Conroy.

Scottville man sent to jail for assault.

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By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

LUDINGTON — A 24-year-old Scottville man was sentenced to serve 120 days up front of a one-year discretionary jail term in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday, Dec. 6, for a conviction of felonious assault.

Cory Robert Hernandez, of 120 W. Main St., was arrested last August by the Ludington Police Department on felony charges of first-degree home invasion and felonious assault and a misdemeanor of domestic violence.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to felonious assault and domestic violence. In exchange for his plea, the home invasion charge was dismissed.

“The night of the incident, I was intoxicated,” his attorney, John Conroy, read from a statement written by Hernandez. “I let my emotions get the best of me…There is no excuse for putting my hands on a woman.”

Hernandez, who has “a minimal criminal record” with no previous felonies, broke into his ex-girlfriend’s residence and assaulted her, said Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola. The assault was prompted by the victim’s relationship with another man, Spaniola said. Despite Hernandez’s lack of a previous felony record, the offenses were “very serious.”

Several family members appeared in court Tuesday, showing their support for Hernandez.

Conroy described his client as a dedicated father and a good employee with a long work history. “My client is a committed father,” said Conroy, stating that the victim, who is the children’s mother, “does not want their father to be away from them.” Hernandez is ordered to have no contact with the mother, however.

Conroy read his client’s statement, because he was “too nervous” to read it. “I cannot apologize enough for my actions,” he stated. “I take responsibly for what I have done… The last thing I want my is for boys to think its OK (to hit a woman) because their father did it to their mother. I will regret it for the rest of my life… I don’t expect her to ever forgive me.”

Hernandez has quit drinking and is attending AA classes, he said. “I am working to better myself as a person. I know I must own up to my mistake and accept the consequences. I made a terrible mistake, and the lesson learned from it is harsh.”

“He’s a young man who totally blew it,” Conroy said. “What happened is not acceptable, and my client understands it.

Conroy asked Judge Susan K. Sniegowski if his client could report to the Mason County Jail Jan. 4 after the holidays, so he can spend Christmas with his kids. Sniegowski said she was going to discuss that proposition with the probation department, but in the meantime require Hernandez to be placed on Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM).

The judge also ordered that Hernandez serve 18 months probation. He received credit for two days served in jail, and work release was authorized.

For his domestic violence conviction, he received a sentence of 93 days in jail that runs concurrently to his other sentence.

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