Students of Character: Early lessons in giving.

October 21, 2016
Adison Thorne with her mother, Megan.

Adison Thorne with her mother, Megan.


Students of Character: Early lessons in giving.

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By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

SCOTTVILLE — A few months before Adison Thorne of Scottville was to celebrate her 6th birthday in September 2015, she brought an idea to her parents, Megan and Mike Thorne. Instead of getting birthday presents, she wanted her guests to bring food to give to those in need instead. On top of that, she wanted to raise money to buy more food.

“My husband and I were kind of emotional and excited that she would come up with such an idea,” Megan says. “I think she got the idea because she’s a picky eater and was having trouble at dinner time. So one of us said to her that there are some kids who don’t get to eat and some kids who can’t buy food. I think that kind of stuck with her.”

Her guests brought non-perishable food items to the party and the food was donated to Salvation Army.

This year, Adison started planning months in advance, her mother says, and she raised over $400. The guests brought enough food that it filled up the back of Megan’s car. After the party, the brought it to the Salvation Army food pantry on Melendy Street in Ludington.

Megan says she’s proud of Adison for having a kind heart to think of others.

Adison is a second grader at Scottville Elementary. 

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