Children’s author to read at Harvest Festival.

September 16, 2016


SCOTTVILLE — Michigan children’s author Ingar Rudholm will be at the Scottville Harvest Festival Gathering, located in the family tent Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rudholm will be reading from his book, “Traveling Circus,” which is a tribute to his mother.

Rudholm was born and raised in Whitehall. “My mother owned Homestead Art Gallery on Mears Street, and my father built homes in Muskegon County,” he said. “After high school I moved to the east side of the state, and I graduated from Macomb Community College with an associate’s degree in architectural drafting and minored in fine art.

As a child, while other boys were playing sports, my mother enrolled me into art classes. Since my mom owned owned an art gallery in Whitehall, I met several of the local painters and attended local art fairs from Traverse City to Rockford.

“In the final years of my mother’s life, she had dementia, which left her incapable of painting. In 2010, she passed away leaving behind a set of brushes, a box of paints and tons of art history books. “Traveling Circus” includes a lot of famous painters, but it is also a tribute to the first artist I ever knew and loved, my mom.”

The story is about Flynn, a shy kid from Whitehall, Michigan who’s kidnapped by a crooked ringmaster. After a series of adventures, he finds his courage.

My intended audience is 10-14 years old or anyone who enjoys fantasy books,” Rudholm said. “The book has no swearing, drinking or any mature themes. It’s strictly a PG rating. The major theme of the book is finding courage despite being shy, insecure or bullied.

“In the beginning of the story, Flynn can’t find the courage to talk anyone. He can’t talk to his teachers, a girl he likes, not even his parents. Not until Flynn discovers his talents and uses them to help people. Because when you recognize your talents, whether it’s sports, academics or any other skill, you build confidence in yourself. In essence, Flynn found his voice.

“One of the recurring elements to the story is famous paintings and artists. Like for example the ringmaster of the circus is loosely based upon Salvador Dali and Flynn’s art teacher is loosely based upon Edward Hopper.  

“So whenever I drew pictures or wrote scenes for the story, I based them upon famous paintings.  Some of my illustrations are inspired by Salvador Dali’s  ‘Persistence of Memory’, Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawkes’, and Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Lacemaker’.  

Rudholm said there are two things he hopes readers will get out of the story:

“If any of the young readers are struggling with bullying in school, or if they’re shy around people because they fear rejection, I hope this story helps them find their inner courage and voice.  

“One of the circus performances in the story has a rabbit that turns into a lion. This is a metaphor for the main character, Flynn. Flynn faces his fears while building his confidence; I hope the reader takes away this message.


“Also, I hope they enjoy the book. I added many plot twists and character developments to keep the reader engaged.”


Traveling Circus” is available at Bookmark in Ludington, Happy Owl Bookshop in Manistee,, or, Book Nook and Java Shop in Montague, Gracies Bookstore in Muskegon, Maggie’s Gourmet Food & Gift Shop in Muskegon, Bookman in Grand Haven, Kazoo Books II in Kalamazoo, Horizon Books in Traverse City, Frederick Meijer Garden Gift Shop in Grand Rapids

The book is also available at many local libraries.


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