MCC and ESD begin life skills classroom.

August 31, 2016


SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Central Schools, in collaboration with the West Shore Educational Service District implement a Life Skills classroom in the middle school beginning this school year, which begins Tuesday, Sept. 6.

The life skills classroom will also include additional space directly across the hallway where students will be able to utilize the additional space for personal belongings, instead of being limited to keeping them in the classroom, taking up available space for instruction, according to Jeff Mount, MCC superintendent.

“The WSESD students will be able to begin and end the school day in this classroom space, moving directly across the hall to the Life Skills classroom for the majority of their instruction.  MCC Middle School administrators have also adjusted the schedule so that the WSESD class has access to the middle school gym, available to them every day for the fifth classroom period.  It is our pleasure to welcome the WSESD students to MCC Middle School and expand the opportunities available for their education,” Mount said.

  “In the intended spirit of cooperation between the districts, the sixth graders of MCC Middle School will be using the Life Skills classroom during the sixth class period of each day for a hands-on project based learning opportunity where they will be able to plan and cook different meals as well as learn other valuable life skills.  It is exciting to be able to expand this class offering from its limited schedule in previous years to a full year opportunity that will incorporate all sixth graders.

  “We at MCC are proud of our staff and the varied opportunities and teaching styles they bring to our students.  We look forward to seeing the results of this project based learning opportunity and the impact it will have on our Middle School students for life, as well as enjoy the of addition of the students and staff of the WSESD to our middle school community.”

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