Scottville commission to discuss right-of-way tree plantings, light pole painting.

August 15, 2016

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SCOTTVILLE — The Scottville City Commission meets today at 5:30 p.m. Commissioners are expected to discuss how to address replacing trees that have been removed in the right-of-ways of the southwest quadrant of the city due to the water main replacement project. They will also talk about repainting the black light poles that are in the 100 blocks of north and south Main Street and the 100 blocks of east and west State Street.

City Manager Amy Williams told the commission in a pre-meeting report that several trees were removed in front of residences in the area of Scott and Fifth streets. “I am guessing that the residents are going to ask that new trees be planted as those streets were pretty well clearcut and do look quite bare,” Williams said. “It would be my recommendation we come up with an approved tree list so that when residents talk to us about this we can have something in place and also to make sure that any tree that is planted won’t cause issues as the trees mature.”

The commission will also discuss repainting the light poles that line the business district. The poles were installed by the Downtown Development Authority in the mid-1990s, giving the downtown a more old fashioned feel. Williams said a few meetings ago, Commissioner Bruce Krieger had mentioned the poles were in need of painting. Williams said she has spoken to a painting contractor who estimated the cost of repainting the 33 poles would be about $10,000.


“The poles do need attention, I was just not expecting to pay quite so much to get them redone,” Williams said. 


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