The Land: Milking camels in Carr Settlement.

August 5, 2016
Marlin Troyer

Marlin Troyer

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Our series, The Land, features local stories about local agriculture, one of this area’s top industries.  The series is sponsored by Ludington Beverage Company, a family owned, fourth generation business.

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

CARR SETTLEMENT — When you think of the diverse agriculture industry in west Michigan, you probably don’t think about camels. But, this little community on the Mason-Lake counties line is home to a very unique farm that provides an important commodity to people with health challenges. Marlin Troyer grew up in Riverton Township. While he was growing up, his family worked in the log home building business. As an adult, he wanted to get into farming, but wanted to do something different from the norm.

He started to hear about camels and the medicinal use of their milk. He created the Camel Milk Association, a private membership association, bought some land on South Tyndall Road in Lake County’s Lake Township, bought some camels and started farming.

troyer_g“This is as much of a mission as it is a farm,” Marlin says. “We produce a product that can help heal people. The milk is used for medicinal purposes. It’s very popular in the autism community and for people who have autoimmune diseases, along with food sensitivities and diabetes. We ship across the entire United States.

“I always wanted to do something that made a direct impact on people’s lives,” Marlin says. “I can reach a lot of people by impacting their health, gaining their trust and sharing my faith.”

In addition to camels, the farm also raises grass fed beef.

Marlin and his wife, Savannah, are assisted on the farm by their three boys, along with Savannah’s sister, Katie Swartz and her husband, Paul and their five children.

He says he chose the Carr Settlement area because of its remote location.

“There are just some awesome people here. We are virtually in the middle of nowhere and it fits the quiet lifestyle we enjoy,” he says.

Marlin further extends his mission-oriented lifestyle by serving as a medical first responder on the Carr Area Fire Department. “It’s a way of helping those here in our own neighborhood.”

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