Scottville asking motorists to avoid construction zones.

July 29, 2016

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SCOTTVILLE — The City of Scottville is asking motorists avoid using the streets in the water main construction zone, unless they are residents of that neighborhood. The city is in the process of having the water main on the north side of town be replaced, with the majority of the work being performed on North Main Street, and also construction taking place on side streets including Broadway, James Street, Maple Street, Clarke Street and Beryl Street.

A detour is in place that includes re-routing traffic to the US 31 bypass and West Johnson Road.

“We ask that traffic not try to use North Main Street or detour off onto our side streets, especially Thomas Street as there is no outlet to the north and this just causes more congestion in a residential neighborhood,” said City Manager Amy Williams.

Williams said the contractor has had some delays on the project and it is scheduled to be completed in October with a priority of getting the streets done in the vicinity of the schools.

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