MCC facility needs, admin contracts on board agenda.

June 9, 2016

victory_early_childhood_mcc_mason_county_centralSCOTTVILLE — The Mason County Central Board of Education is expected to renew the contracts for its building principals and its business manager/transportation director when it meets Monday at Victory Early Childhood Development Center on North Stiles Road.

Superintendent Jeff Mount is recommending the board renew the contracts of Brad Jacobs, high school principal/secondary supervising administrator; Jeff Tuka, middle school principal/district assessment coordinator; Kevin Kimes, upper elementary principal/district special education director; Chris Etchison, Scottville Elementary principal/district technology coordinator and Kris Courtland-Willick, business manager/transportation director. Their contracts will be through June 30, 2018.

The board will also go into closed session to evaluate Superintendent Mount. The Michigan Open Meetings Act allows for boards to go into closed session to discuss personnel issues if the person of topic requests a closed meeting, which Mount has. The board is expected to put together the evaluation that will be shared with Mount in closed session at the June 27 meeting. Following the June 27 closed session, the board will take action on Mount’s contract in open session, as required by the OMA.

The board is also expected to discuss facilities. Mount will provide an update on the progress toward receiving funding in the form of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds. He stated in a pre-meeting memo that the Michigan Department of Education has approved the district’s application and has locked in the funds for MCC.

The federal bonds are available at zero interest for schools that have 35% or more students who qualify for free or reduced price school lunches — which MCC qualifies for. The bonds will not require voter approval and will not mean increased taxes, Mount said at a previous meeting, adding that the school could borrow up to $2.2 million on a 15-year loan with annual payments of $147,000.

Major items that are in need of repairs or replacement are the heating and cooling systems at most of the school buildings, with the exception of the 9-year-old Scottville Upper Elementary building. Mount said the heating systems at the middle school are mostly original to the building, which was built in 1976.

The board is also being asked to approve modifications to a middle school classroom which will be designated to serve as the moderate cognitive impaired room. Repairs will include the addition of an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant restroom, which is expected to be completed this summer. The work is being coordinated with the West Shore Educational Service District.

The board meets at 7 p.m.

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