Student claims he was banned from MCC for displaying Confederate flag; superintendent says that’s not the whole story.

May 31, 2016

confederate flagBy Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Central student Travis Barrette says he was banned from the school after mounting a Confederate flag on the back of his pickup truck. Barrette posted on the MCP Facebook page Friday stating he cannot go onto school grounds because of the flag. Superintendent Jeff Mount said that’s not exactly true.

“Today I was banned from Mason County Central School campus, for the rest of the school year for flying an American Confederate Flag,” Barrett wrote. “I cannot walk on school ground etc. But yet im not expelled so how am i supposed to do my schooling. Please everyone share this to have everyone aware that they will kick you out of school for using your Constitutional rights! They are fully ready and willing to violate your rights amended by our founding fathers. I guess thats what happends when you dont follow the politcal correctness of your school, and being patriotic following our heritage.” (spelling errors left in quotes intentionally).

Superintendent Mount said that Barrette’s flag was causing a disruption on campus, however, the student was not banned from the school.

“He was not banned,” Mount told MCP. “His flag was banned as he was asked not to fly it on campus as it has caused a disruption in the past, and will likely cause more disruption to our safe and orderly environment we are responsible for maintaining. He disagreed and was told he could park off campus.”

Barrette posted his complaint on several Facebook pages and it has created quite a bit of conversation. The post was made on Friday at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, when the United States pays tribute to the memory of armed services personnel who died protecting the U.S. 

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