Crime spree yields prison term.

April 12, 2016
Trenton Espinola with his attorney, David Glancy.

Trenton Espinola with his attorney, David Glancy.

By Allison Scarbrough. Courts/Police Editor.

LUDINGTON — A 19-year-old Ludington man received concurrent prison terms Tuesday, April 12, in 51st Circuit Court for convictions of safe breaking; resisting a police officer; larceny in a building; and possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

Trenton Joseph Espinola, of 222 E. Melendy St., was ordered by Judge Susan K. Sniegowski to serve two terms of one year and five months to four years in prison; one term of two-and-a-half years to 15 years in prison; and one term of 194 days in jail with credit for 194 days served.

Espinola made a request last week to withdraw his plea, but his attorney David Glancy said Tuesday, “My client is withdrawing his request to withdraw his plea.” So, Sniegowski proceeded to sentencing.

Espinola, who received credit for 201 days served in jail, is eligible for Special Alternative Incarceration (SAI) or “boot camp,” Sniegowski said.

Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola said Espinola was on juvenile supervision at the time of his recent offenses, and the juvenile case was a home invasion involving a safe breaking, Spaniola said.

“He is 19 years of age and has certainly amassed a criminal record,” the prosecutor said.

“There are a number of offenses that happened within a short period of time,” Sniegowski said, citing Espinola’s “significant disregard for the law.”

The judge advised Espinola that he can turn his life around if he reaches out to those who offer positive support. “You need to get past the people that let you down,” she said. “It’s your choice. I hope you can go forward and become a productive member of society. I hope you choose a different path.”

Espinola testified previously that on August 21 he went into a house; opened a safe; and stole $300 and a cremation urn.

He also testified that he stole approximately six pounds of marijuana last August in the 6700 block of Dewey Road in Hamlin Township.

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