Japanese company acquires Whitehall Industries.

March 23, 2016

UACJ Corporation which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has acquired Whitehall Industries in Ludington, UACJ announced last week. Representatives from the company are in Ludington today to tour its facilities.  According to a press release on March 22, SRS Industries, LLC, which operates under the brand Whitehall Industries, was purchased for $155 million. Whitehall Industries manufactures and sells automotive aluminum structural materials and various aluminum components primarily in the United States and Mexico.

“UACJ aims to establish a firm base from which to proactively promote sales of these products to its customers in automotive aluminum structural materials and various aluminum components, by acquiring SRS, a leading company in North America,” the press release stated.

“In addition, through the collaboration of its Group companies, UACJ aims to provide optimal solutions in aluminum automotive materials and expand its global supply structure. As a result, UACJ aims to augment its value as a company by earning the trust of its customers and continuing to achieve its growth targets.”

Whitehall Industries began in 1974 manufacturing precision components for the copier industry. In 2001, it established a precision aluminum extrusion operation which extrudes aluminum profiles with tolerances tighter than industry standards, according to the company’s website.

In May 2010, Whitehall Industries was acquired by SRS Industries, LLC. According to its website, Whitehall Industries employees over 480 people. Its Mason County locations are on South Madison Street in Ludington and Sixth Street in Pere Marquette Township.

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