Glenda Finner: Insurance by day, the arts by night.

March 17, 2016
Glenda Finner, center, with her daughters.

Glenda Finner, center, with her daughters.

When she isn’t working at Smith & Eddy Insurance, Glenda Finner is helping with the local arts. 

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

MANISTEE — Giving back to the community is something that comes natural for Glenda Finner. It is something she was taught at a young age. “My parents instilled in me the need to give back,” she says. For Glenda, who has a passion for the arts, giving back means volunteering with organizations such as the Manistee Civic Players, where she devotes her time making props for performances. She also volunteers at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

“I like the challenge of finding or making things for theater productions,” she says. “I also enjoy working and learning from other people. It’s amazing what like minds can come up with.”

Glenda has also been involved with movie making.

“I have worked on eight movies helping with extra casting,” she says. “

The values of volunteering and appreciating the arts is something Glenda has passed on to her own children, daughters Alyse Jacobi, 28, and Abbi Finner, 18. Both have also been active in the arts.

“I enjoy doing things with my daughters, like traveling, going to concerts, theater and dance performances.”

During the work week, Glenda can be found at Smith & Eddy Insurance’s Manistee office. She’s worked in insurance for 36 years, starting as a bookkeeper. She’s worked for Smith & Eddy Insurance for 17 years. “Since  then I have held several positions,” she says. “I’m an agent licensed in property and casualty along with life and health. She’s also the Manistee office manager.

“I enjoy helping people understand why they need to spend money on something they can’t see, taste or smell,” she says. “I like building relationships with my clients and helping them through claims.”

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