Police seeking arrest warrant for alleged window peeper.

February 24, 2016

peeperBy Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

LUDINGTON — Ludington Police Department is seeking a warrant for the arrest of a Fountain man after he apparently confessed to a series of window peeping incidents over the last several months. The suspect was found after LPD received a complaint Tuesday by Ludington resident Brandon Martinez. Martinez also posted a video on his Facebook page that showed the man come up to his home’s door about 7:09 a.m. Tuesday. He stated that the man stayed on the porch around 30 seconds and was “peeking in.” Martinez lives in the northeastern part of the city known as Forest Hills.

“Thanks to information supplied by individuals posting on Facebook and members of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, additional information about similar activity in the neighborhood and the name of a possible suspect were brought forward,” Police Chief Mark Barnett stated in a press release.
Police officers began checking the area regularly throughout the night for individuals matching the description of the suspect.  At approximately 7:10 am Wednesday, Officer J.B. Wells located a subject matching the description walking on Sherman Street, Barnett said. “After a brief discussion Officer Wells was able to confiscate a pair of binoculars and obtain a confession to a series of window peeping incidents over the last several months.  Officer Wells contacted the residents where these incidents took place and notified them of the situation.”
The male subject was determined to be a Fountain resident who works the night shift in the City of Ludington.  He was released pending issuance of a warrant, Barnett said.  “Officer Wells prepared the documentation and presented it to the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office for warrant review of a violation of city ordinance Sec. 34-135 – window peeping.  Once a warrant is issued for this violation the suspect will be arrested and arraigned by the district court.”

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