Safe Harbor Credit Union offers alternative to overdraft fees.

January 21, 2016

safe harbor hori 030115LUDINGTON — Safe Harbor Credit Union is offering an alternative to those pesky overdraft fees or the hassle of having to transfer money from your savings account when funds get low in the checking account.

“The Safe Harbor Credit Union Share Draft Line of Credit is a great way to protect yourself from overdraft fees and unwanted overdraft transfer fees,” said Kyle Gurzynski, operations manager. “This is product protects you from those small errors made in a check register or payments coming out at the wrong time.”

How it works:

·         The account works as an overdraft protection for those instances when you overdraw your account.

·         Sit down with one of the credit union’s lenders to see if you’re approved for the line of credit.

·         Once you have been approved, advances will be automatically posted to your checking any time you overdraw (up to your approved limit).

·         You can pay off the loan in full or make minimal monthly payments and the amount repaid becomes available again for the next overdraft.

·         There is no annual fee and no early payoff fee. You only pay interest on the amount used from the time of the transfer until it’s paid in full.

“We have members taking advantage of this service that we provide, and they love it,” Gurzynski said. “Everyone makes mistakes, and the Share Draft Line of Credit is there to help you when you make those mistakes. To me, this is one of those, ‘why wouldn’t you have it’ opportunities where you’re not being fined if the account is sitting there not being used. But it is also there for you if you make a mistake. All you have to do is ask about the service during account opening, or even next time you’re in making a deposit or withdrawal! We would love to be able to help you take advantage of this awesome opportunity.”

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