Scottville to vote on downtown sidewalk ordinance tonight.

December 7, 2015

SCOTTVILLE — Scottville City Commission will hold a public hearing and then take action on a proposed amendment to the city’s sidewalk ordinance during its regular meeting tonight at 5:30 p.m. The amendment comes from the city’s planning commission and specifically addresses the Central Business District. The current sidewalk ordinance is a citywide ordinance and does not separate the commercial district, therefore making many parts of it unenforceable.

The amended ordinance addresses snow removal on downtown sidewalks along with placement of signs and other items on the sidewalks. It also addresses outdoor dining and repairs.

“As far as snow/ice, this should facilitate the city being able to enforce the snow/ice removal on the sidewalks this winter and then if it’s not done also allow us enforce it as a civil infraction which would result in a ticket being issued,” City Manager Amy Williams stated in a pre-meeting memo to the commission.

Williams has recommended to the commission that it approves the ordinance.
For disclosure purposes, Rob Alway, editor-in-chief of Mason County Press is chairman of the Scottville Planning Commission.

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