Scottville continues to fight blight; some owners resist.

November 16, 2015
206 N. Columbia Street.

206 N. Columbia Street.

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

SCOTTVILLE — Scottville has made progress tackling blighted homes. For the past few years, the effort has been a top priority for the city commission.

The city has identified 18 properties that are in violation of the city’s exterior building ordinance. City Manager Amy Williams told the commission, during its regular meeting Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, that of those property owners, three have brought their buildings up to the city’s code while seven are currently in the process of making improvements. However, there are 10 properties that have not yet had any progress.

“We still have 10 others identified as needing to do work, of those two are in foreclosure and we won’t likely see much happen until they complete that process,” Williams stated. “For the others I will be pursing seeking letters of commitment for repairs and those that do not reply will be ticketed.  We are definitely making progress on these homes but still have some more to do.”

The properties that have not yet made progress include:

  • 225 S. Bean Street, owned by Headley Pryce: Not a livable structure; building permit issued but no work done to date.
  • 116 W. Broadway Ave., owned by Leah Roberts: exterior repairs needed (siding); no reply to date.
  • 209 S. Columbia Ave., owned by Greg Case: home needs to be painted; home is in foreclosure.
  • 105 W. First St., owned by George Keelan: exterior work needed (siding); owner has stated work will be complete in summer 2016.
  • 505 S. Main St, bank owned: home needs to be painted; city is attempting to contact bank.
  • 109 and 111 E. State St., owned by Martin Barberini; home needs to be painted or sided; no contact from owner this year.
  • 306 E. State St., owned by Shannon Wallager: bushes need to be trimmed, home needs to be painted; city is trying to get a commitment from the owner.
  • 416 E. State St., owned by Mark Westphal: house needs to be painted; trying to get a commitment from owner.
  • Old feed mill on South Blaine Street, owned by Jim Jabrocki: exterior of building needs to be shored up/painted; city reports owner is working with possible renter/buyer.
  • CSX railroad building on South Blaine Street, owned by CSX Railroad: building needs to be razed; city has been trying to contact CSX.

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