The Gathering will bring farmers’ market, arts and crafts to Harvest Festival Saturday.

September 18, 2015

SCOTTVILLE — This year’s Harvest Festival includes activities on North Main Street as well as South Main Street. Several vendors will be set up in the open lot between North Country Cafe and Cole’s Antiques Villa as well as in the parking lot of Miller’s Market Place, for an event called The Gathering: Locally-grown, Locally-made.

The event takes the place of the former Harvest Festival farmers’ market and arts and crafts fair.

“We had great success with the North Main Street Fair during Summerfest in July, so we thought we would hold a similar event during the Harvest Festival to really give our local folks a chance to display and sell their merchandise, and allow visitors to see the kind of talent we have here in Mason County and the surrounding area,” said Sally Cole, a member of the Harvest Festival committee and owner of Cole’s Antiques Village.

Jennifer Miller of Miller’s Marketplace, Karl Reeds of North Country Cafe and Cole have worked together to make The Gathering possible.

“It does change the location of the market and craft fair from the west parking lot, which was very convenient, but took up a lot of parking spaces for potential guests to our city and event,” said Miller. “The Festival committee has been considering ways to change or update the activities of the festival so our favorite events can continue, while still being accommodating to our local businesses and their patrons. We think this will be a positive change.

“We do this because we love Scottville,” Miller said. “This one weekend gives us a chance to showcase our business, yes, but also to do our part in helping the community celebrate who we are and where we live, an area full of agricultural and creative diversity.”

The Gathering takes place Saturday, Sept. 19 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m .

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