Friday is last delivery in Scottville for postman Steve Iteen.

September 3, 2015
Steve Iteen

Steve Iteen



By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief. 

SCOTTVILLE — Steve Iteen arguably has walked and driven the streets of Scottville more than anyone else. For the past 16 years he has served as the city’s U.S. Postal Service mail carrier. Friday will be his last day and he will then begin delivering mail in Ludington.

The move is strictly for job security. Steve began his postal career in Scottville and has since been considered a “part time flexible” employee, meaning that he could be called away to another route anywhere within 50 to 100 miles. Though Scottville has been his regular route, the Ludington resident has worked 14 routes including Ludington, Manistee and Hart.

“Scottville is the best route, as far as I’m concerned,” Steve said. “The people are friendly. It’s not a long route. It’s a combination of walking and driving and there aren’t dog problems. I’m really going to miss it but moving to Ludington means I become a full-time carrier with more security.”

His job has been six days a week, but part-time. Working in Ludington will mean he actually gets two days off a week and works a 40-hour work week.

“He has always done his best to provide reliable, friendly service to the patrons of Scottville,” said Gena Nelson, retired Scottville postmaster. “His replacement has big shoes to fill and I can speak from experience. When I was helping him in the wintertime during the blowing, snowing, nasty, windy days, I would have to take extremely long strides to use the same shortcut paths he took. Steve always helped out in any way he could in the office, with the vehicles, light maintenance when I needed it and of course he always did it with a smile. I think he will be missed by the postal patrons and the crew at the Scottville Post Office.”

Editor’s note: As a Scottville resident, I can say that Steve will surely be missed. He has been my postal carrier since I moved back to town 9 years ago. He goes above and beyond to take care of the postal customers and has always watched out for us.

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