Good Samaritans assist with kayak rescue

August 18, 2015

532217_10151051607042188_1429447001_nPENTWATER — Two Good Samaritans assisted a Pentwater police officer Monday afternoon, Aug. 17, with the safe return of three kayakers from the choppy waters of Lake Michigan.

A 28-year-old Grand Rapids woman, a 16-year-old Allendale girl, and a 16-year-old Grand Rapids girl, who were wearing life jackets, were able to swim safely back to shore.

Pentwater police officer Nathan DeWeerd was dispatched to the water emergency of two overturned kayaks approximately a half mile north of the pier Monday, he states in his case report.

“Due to the fact that were no marine law enforcement patrols in the area, I proceeded to the fuel docks at Snug Harbor Marina where I noticed a boat getting fuel. I advised the vessel master, (77-year-old) Roger Martin, that I was proceeding to an emergency on the lake and asked if he was willing to assist. Roger agreed, and at approximately (1 p.m.) we got underway,” DeWeerd states.

“I was able to hail an individual on shore, later identified as John Vaulkner, with a jet ski who agreed to assist in recovering the kayaks.” Vaulkner towed the kayaks to shore.

Pentwater Fire Department and the DNR assisted at the scene.

According to the report, the kayakers forgot to put the drain plugs in the kayaks before setting off.