Safe Harbor Credit Union offering a new and improved reloadable debit card

August 10, 2015

safe harbor hori 030115Mason County Press is provided to our readers for free, thanks to the generous support of our advertisers. One of those great advertisers is Safe Harbor Credit Union.

Safe Harbor Credit Union of Ludington is now offering a reloadable debit card that can be used by any member who is looking for security when traveling, has trouble with overdrafts, doesn’t have a checking account, protection from fraud, and the convenience of being in control of all your finances. “The cards are great for someone who is traveling and likes the freedom of using a card similar to a debit card, but it is not linked to your direct accounts, protecting you from potential fraud.,” said Kyle Gurzynski, Safe Harbor Credit Union operations manager. “Members will also have more access to the funds on their cards by being able to use the card for cash advance or at an ATM.”

  The member can manage their accounts directly through the website or by contacting their customer service number 1.877.850.9650. This number will be printed on the back of their card and listed on the terms and conditions.

With the new reloadable debit card:

·         Daily load limits

o   $100 minimum load requirements – $5000 Maximum when reloading card at the Credit Union

o   $100 minimum load requirement – $2,5000 Maximum when reloading card online at

·         Daily limit of 25 transactions per day

·         Members are able to make cash advances off the their cards

·         Members are able to use card at different institutions atms.

The cards launched August 1. If members have an old reloadable debit card, they are still able to use them until the card’s expiration date. Gurzynski said the old cards cannot be reloaded at the credit union, although members will be able to reload them at Easy Mart and Wal-Mart. “We will replace any members old reloadable card free of charge if they are presented to us.”

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