Keeping the P.M. clean.

August 3, 2015

Letter to the Editor, by Bruce Krieger, Scottville.

The Pere Marquette River is a National Wild and Scenic River.  Right now it is not very scenic.   It is a river full of litter.   The amount of litter between Custer and Scottville is overwhelming.  I have discussed this problem with the two liveries in Scottville and they said they would remind their customers to not litter.  It is the other group, the ones that have their own kayaks and canoes who we cannot reach.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the river.  It is ours and a great resource for the area.  If you see someone littering and throwing cans and bottles on the bank or in the river, ask them to pick it up.  The other problem on the river is trespassing on private property.  There are only two sections between Custer and Scottville owned by the State of Michigan.  The rest is privately owned.  Unless things change for the better I hate to see what could happen to this stretch of river.  Tickets issued, closure to use, or worse.  So let’s be good citizens and take care of our precious resource.


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