Hart woman to be released from jail after serving 43 days for shoplifting

July 14, 2015
Melinda VanDerZanden with her attorney, Douglas Stevenson.

Melinda VanDerZanden with her attorney, Douglas Stevenson.

By Allison Scarbrough. Contributing Editor.

LUDINGTON — A 31-year-old Hart woman was sentenced to 43 days up front of a six-month jail sentence with credit for 43 days served for a conviction of first-degree retail fraud in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday, July 14.

The balance of Melinda Ann VanDerZanden’s sentence will be served at court’s discretion.

She and her husband Randy Alan VanDerZanden were arrested last December by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office after stealing several items valued at approximately $1,500 from the Ludington Walmart.

Randy VanDerZanden received a tether term of three months.
Restitution, which is yet to be determined, is joint and several with her husband, the co-defendant, and is reserved for 60 days.

During Christmas time, the couple pushed out approximately $700 worth of merchandise with a shopping cart and were later caught with another approximate $700 worth of merchandise, said Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola.

Melinda VanDerZanden was also ordered to serve 60 days on a tether and one and half years probation.

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