Sheriff: Baby Doe not Baby Kate

July 10, 2015

LUDINGTON — Preliminary results from DNA testing shows that the unidentified 4-year-old girl found in Boston, Massachusetts is not Katherine Phillips, also known as Baby Kate, Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole said this morning. Media reports speculated Thursday that the Boston girl, who is being called Baby Doe, may have been Baby Kate. Media outlets, posted computer generated photographs of Baby Doe that showed an apparent resemblance to what Baby Kate may look like today. The story went viral on social media.

Katherine Phillips, the daughter of Arial Courtland and Sean Phillips, has been missing since June 29, 2011. She was last seen alive with her father at a Ludington apartment complex. Phillips, of Victory Township, was charged and convicted of kidnapping the baby and is serving a 10-year-minimum prison term. He has also been charged with murder and is awaiting trial.

Cole said official results of the DNA testing are expected today.