Fountain man pleads guilty to making meth at his grandmother’s house

July 7, 2015
Travis Shaull

Travis Shaull

By Allison Scarbrough. Contributing Editor.

LUDINGTON — A 27-year-old Fountain man pleaded guilty to felony charges of maintaining a meth lab and manufacturing meth in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday, July 7.

Travis Michael Shaull’s plea agreement calls for a six-month jail term, followed by boot camp or Special Alternative Incarceration (SAI), and his double-penalty enhancement on the charges will be dropped.

Shaull testified that he had supplies including psuedoephedrine in order to make methamphetamine and that he was in the process of making meth when SSCENT (State, Sheriffs, Chiefs Enforcement Narcotics Team) authorities busted the meth lab, April 27. Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola said there was “an active pressurized pot” at his grandmother’s home on East Sugar Grove Road when SSCENT detectives arrived to arrest him.

Both counts that Shaull pleaded guilty to have a 20-year maximum.
Sentencing is set for Sept. 1 at 1:45 p.m.


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