Reader: Police are not going to make everyone happy.

June 30, 2015

Letter to the Editor. By Nick Swan, Hamlin Township.

I just read the letter written by a reader condemning the very persons we expect to protect and defend us when we call. These defenders put their life on the line each and every shift they work. Yes, these law officers do realize that at some point they may never make it home for supper…to see their wife…and children…ever again.

Every time they do their job, they stand a chance of making someone unhappy, giving a deserved ticket, removing an unruly or intoxicated family member, protecting an innocent child by putting him with someone who cares. Yes, these unhappy situations cause animosity and grief, but are needed for the betterment of society in whole.

An officer has to make a split second decision which is able to stand up in court therefore would normally proceed with much thought before offending anyone’s rights.

Even when making an ordinary traffic stop, this law enforcer has no idea what lies ahead. Keeping these thoughts in mind, complying with the instructions, giving a smile and not acting like an asshole will go a long way towards being treated fairly maybe get you off with only a returned smile…and a warning !

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