Police respond to alarms, crashes

June 4, 2015

SpringsteadHoriz_2The police news is sponsored by Springstead Law Offices, with locations in Hart and Fremont, 231-873-4022 (Hart),www.springsteadlaw.com.

The following is local law enforcement activity June 3, 2015:

– 6:08 a.m., (Mason County Sheriff’s Office), alarm activation, 500 block of S. Pere Marquette Hwy., PM Twp.

– 8:30 a.m., (Ludington Police Department), alarm activation, 5900 block of W. Sixth St.

– 8:35 a.m., (MCSO), alarm activation, 6900 block of E. Ridge, Branch Twp.

– 12:44 p.m., (MCSO), two-vehicle broadside crash with a minor injury, US-10 PM Hwy., PM Twp.

– 12:46 p.m,. (MCSO), two-vehicle rear-end crash, no injuries, US-10 and Jebavy. PM Twp.

– 2:07 p.m., (LPD), reckless driving, 900 block N. Harrison St.

– 2:30 p.m., (LPD), harassment, 500 block of E. Fifth St.

– 2:41 p.m, (LPD), hit and run, 600 block E. Dowland St.

– 4:35 p.m., (Michigan State Police, Hart post), cow in the roadway, Stiles and Sugar Grove Rd., Victory Twp.

– 4:41 p.m., (LPD), fraud, 900 block of N. Gaylord St.

– 9:35 p.m., (MCSO), car/deer crash, no injuries, PM Hwy. and Kistler, PM Twp.

– 11:16 p.m., (LPD), fraud, 200 block E. Danaher St.


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