Scottville residents concerned about neighbor’s use of alley.

June 1, 2015


 By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief.

SCOTTVILLE — Citizens brought up concerns to city commissioners over a neighbor’s alleged misuse of an alleyway on the south side of town Monday night. Tina and Mike Buffenbarger of 108 N. Scott St., expressed their concern that a neighbor is over-reaching his authority to make improvements to an alleyway off of Scott Street.

This is not the first time neighbors have raised concerns about what is going on in the alley. Though the alley is not an actual roadway — it’s grass covered — it is still a city alley. Last year residents had petitioned to get the alley abandoned, but there is a gas main that goes underneath the alley.

Tina Buffenbarger said the neighbor has cut tree limbs along the alley, has put drain tile in it — causing water in her yard, parks his truck at the end of the alley and he and his children ride motorcycles up and down the alley.

City Manager Amy Williams said she has talked to the neighbor a few times about concerns of the other residents in that area. Williams said she allowed the neighbor to trim trees but not to the point that it interfered with other residents. She also added that parking the vehicle in the alley is illegal and that the police department will address the issue.

The Buffenbargers said they are concerned that the neighbor is exceeding his authority and interfering with their private property.

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