Safe Harbor makes car buying easy, even on the weekend.

May 19, 2015

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Mason County Press is provided to our readers for free, thanks to the generous support of our advertisers. One of those great advertisers is Safe Harbor Credit Union. 

LUDINGTON — Have you ever bought a car on the weekend only to find out that your financial institution wasn’t open? Safe Harbor Credit Union has a solution, Redi-loans.

“I think this product is excellent,” said Kyle Gurzynski, Safe Harbor Credit Union operations manager. “We can approve the member up to a limit, give them a blank check essentially up to that approved limit giving them the flexibility to negotiate the price they want on a car in their price range anywhere they would like to go.

“This eliminates the member from going out of town to shop where they would then have to come back to sign loan documents, have us prepare the check in the exact amount, then have the member drive all the way back out of town to pick up the car.

“It’s almost like giving them cash which makes it easier for them to negotiate the price they want and gives them the flexibility to go from dealership to dealership looking for the right car. I bought a car in Chicago once; I had to negotiate the price over the phone before even test driving the car, taking out a loan which specifies the exact dollar amount and the exact car with VIN so if I got there and didn’t like it I didn’t have the luxury of looking at other cars. It was either take that car or go home.”

Gurzynski said Safe Harbor also does not charge processing for auto loans, some banks charge a $150 fee. He added that loans are serviced locally and that rates are as low as 2.25% annual percentage rate on consumer (auto) loans.

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