Counterfeit money used at Family Dollar

May 18, 2015

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PERE MARQUETTE TWP. —  A counterfeit $100 bill was used by an unknown subject Saturday, May 16, at 12:28 p.m. at the Family Dollar store on West US-10, according to Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.

Other local enforcement activity over the weekend includes:

Friday, May 15, 2015:

– 2:15 a.m., (Ludington Police Department), malicious destruction of property (MDOP), 200 block of South James St.

– 2:29 a.m., (LPD), dog complaint, 900 block E. Russell St.

– 6:39 a.m., (LPD), alarm activation, 500 block of West Loomis St.

– 8:23 a.m., (MCSO), two-vehicle crash, no injuries, US-10 and Brye, Amber Twp.

– 10:02 a.m., (Michigan State Police, Hart post), child abuse, 3000 block of Washington Rd., Riverton Twp.

– 10:49 a.m., (LPD), criminal sexual conduct (CSC), reported to police dept.

– 11:54 a.m., (MCSO), identity theft, “the victim reported someone had taken out a Sprint phone and charged over $640 on an account in his name,” Cole stated., 5700 block of Limouze, PM Twp.
– 12:29 p.m., (LPD), animal complaint, 1200 block of N. Lakeshore Dr.

– 1:21 p.m., (LPD), larceny, reported to the police dept.

– 2:02 p.m., (MSP), improper medical marijuana transport, US-10 and Gordon, Amber Twp.

– 3:09 p.m., (MCSO), identity theft, “victim reported receiving information on a credit card that had been taken out in his name,” according to the sheriff, Rasmussen Road, PM Twp.

– 5:12 p.m., (MCSO), fraud, victim reported an unknown individual in Texas had accessed her credit card and made over $570 in unauthorized purchases, 5300 block of Fisher, Hamlin Twp.

– 6:14 p.m., (LPD), dog complaint, 300 block E. Melendy St.

– 10:18 p.m., (MCSO), suspicious situation, 8500 block of N. Quarterline, Grant Twp.

– 11 p.m., (MCSO), car/deer crash, no injuries, Stiles near Fountain, Victory Twp.

Saturday, May 16, 2015:

– 12:37 a.m., (LPD), assault, North Atkinson Dr.

– 11:12 a.m., (MSP), larceny of a watering can/lawn decoration, 6000 block of Barnhart Rd., Hamlin Twp.

– 11:26 a.m., (MSP), gas drive-off, $38.58 in fuel taken, 5600 block of W. US10 Wesco East Gate, PM Twp.

– 3:57 p.m., (LPD), suspicious situation, 700 block of E. Tinkham Ave.

– 4:16 p.m., (LPD), dog complaint, 300 block E. Foster St.

– 5:03 p.m., (LPD), assault, E. Danaher St. and S. Lavinia St.

– 6:11 p.m., (MCSO), gas drive-off, $26.85 in fuel taken, 5900 block of W. US-10 — Ludington EZ Mart, PM Twp.

– 7 p.m., (LPD), larceny, 700 block of N. Staffon St.

– 9:55 p.m., (MSP), retail fraud and minor in possession of alcohol, Walmart, PM Twp.

Sunday, May 17, 2015:

– 12:20 a.m., (LPD), suspicious situation, 200 block E. Melendy St.

– 10:44 AM, (MCSO), car/deer crash, a 5-year-old Branch boy received minor injuries, US-10 east of Jackson, PM Twp.

– 1:39 p.m., (LPD), dog complaint, 300 block of W. Court St.

– 2:22 p.m., (LPD), property damage accident, N. Atkinson Dr.

– 9 p.m., (MSP), goats at large, 6000 block of N. Grace, Hamlin Twp.

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