MCP Podcast: Talking about petunias

May 15, 2015
The petunias in Gustafson's Greenhouse ready for planting in Ludington.

The petunias in Gustafson’s Greenhouse ready for planting in Ludington.

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LUDINGTON – The 28th annual Ludington petunia Parade will take place Saturday, May 16, starting at 9 a.m. Joe and Virginia Gustafson, owners of Gustafson’s Greenhouse have been keeping very busy this late winter and early spring getting ready for another year of selling plants and flowers, but one thing many people might not know is that the couple, along with their son, Joey, who took over the business two years ago, plant over 30,000 petunias to be planted along Ludington Avenue and around the Ludington Municipal Marina.

The greenhouse is in its 45 year of business and along with the petunias, they also plant the hanging baskets from the City of Ludington and the City of Scottville.

The couple joins Mason County Press Senior Corespondent Kate Krieger in the studio to discuss the petunia planting. Joe stated that if it weren’t for Ellery Sabin coming to them years ago, the parade might not have ever started.

“He said he saw it up in Charlevoix and thought it would be nice to have here,” Joe stated. “He was really the brains, heart and soul behind it all.”