COVE observing domestic violence, sexual assault awareness month.

April 24, 2015

cove_brick_orderBy Kate Krieger. MCP Correspondent.

LUDINGTON – April is a month to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault and COVE (Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters) is hosting a few events to continue the education about the issues and to offer support where needed to the community.

COVE Fundraising and Community Outreach Coordinator Carrie Kosla said this last year has been an extremely good year for COVE and assisting the many members of the community who need their help.

“There has been a lot more community awareness,” she said. “We always wanted April and October to be more of ‘friendraising’ rather than fundraising. We really try to do things to promote and raise awareness.”

Wednesday, April 29 is the annual Denim Day, where people, businesses and organizations are urged to wear denim to show their support to end domestic violence and sexual assault. In coordination with Denim Day, COVE will be hosting an 8 a.m. breakfast, where Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola will speak, along with COVE’s executive director, Marie Waite.

“It’s a way for the community to come together,” Kosla said. “Along with the breakfast, we will also be holding our last TED talk on Thursday, April 30, where Robert Waite, Marie’s husband will be the speaker.”

Kosla stated that Waite will be speaking about Jackson Katz’s “Violence is a men’s issue.”

“It will be a great way to round out the month,” she said. “We have seen so many wonderful things happen with the new building. We are over capacity and we’ve seen such growth in community support. The need is still very great.”

Overall, Kosla stated that with the addition of the new COVE facility, it has not only brought clients and employees closer together under one roof, but through all the advocacy work, she said that there are a lot more victims coming forward to receive the help they need.
“The community is more aware of the services we offer,” she said. “A lot more clients are coming forward. We see what the building is doing for people. Everyone has been so proud to be part of it. Seeing the new building and what it has done for our clients makes this month so important.”

Along with Denim Day and the COVE breakfast, the organization will also be hosting it’s annual Wine, Beer and Bites from 6-8 p.m., May 19 at PM Steamers.

“Tickets are $30,” Kosla said. “It’s always a good time and all the proceeds go to COVE.”