Business of the year nominations announced.

April 22, 2015

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

LUDINGTON — The Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce has announced the nominations for 2014 Business of the Year. They include FloraCraft of Ludington, Lake Michigan Carferry Service of Ludington, McDonald’s Bakery of Ludington and Adam’s Construction & General Contracting of Free Soil.

Adam’s Construction & General Contracting was nominated by Michael Lenich of Ludington. Lenich said the company responded promptly and professionally to a restoration emergency in March 2014. The business is owned by Adam and BethAnn Kozicki.

FloraCraft was nominated by Kathy Surd, director of Mason-Lake Oceana Mathematics and Science Center Director

“FloraCraft can be described in one word:  Excellence,” Surd said. “Being named Wal-Mart Supplier of the Year doesn’t just happen by luck.  It takes hard-work, commitment, drive, and leadership to make that happen. FloraCraft is the world’s largest fabricator and supplier of Styrofoam in the world and they are delivering these products right from Ludington.

“In addition to being an outstanding company exhibiting all the qualities of a world-class  business, they have an unprecedented commitment to the community and to education.  Whether it is hosting a community holiday event for children, supporting a local initiative to help people in need, or growing the membership of the local manufacturing association, FloraCraft is always an impact-maker in Mason County.  I’ve personally grown to know FloraCraft’s presence in supporting education .  Whether it be guest speaking to teachers, providing site visits to students, offering science kits to classrooms, or sharing financial resources to schools, FloraCraft has been instrumental in expanding students’ understanding of what they are learning in the classroom.”

FloraCraft is owned by Lee Schoenherr.

Mary Lou Kuhn and Eleanor Anderson nominated McDonald’s Bakery.

McDonald’s Bakery was founded in 1889, the two wrote in their nomination letter. “To this day it has survived any other bakeries, big box stores, gas station bakeries as well as the Depression. Our children, grandchildren and probably great grandchildren have enjoyed their wonderful bread and pastries. Some of us, maybe too much!”

McDonald’s Bakery is owned by Michael and Ellamae McDonald.

Brandy Henderson, executive director of the Ludington Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, nominated Lake Michigan Carferry Service.

“As I gave careful thought of a business who is worthy of this recognition, I would be remised to not nominate our most treasured community icon, the SS Badger/Lake Michigan Carferry,” Henderson wrote in her nomination letter. “After a rough couple of years to find a resolution with the EPA and at times an unforeseen future, it is with great pride that the SS Badger will set sail on May 15 having undergone a multimillion dollar upgrade to continue to be the only coal-powered ship sailing in the United States.

“The company’s dedication and perseverance over the past couple of years has ensured that our beloved SS Badger will sail well into the future, which brings great joy and relief to a community that relies on the 600 passengers they drop at our door front each trip across Lake Michigan. Their positive impact on our community goes beyond economics; it is a pride that each Ludington native carries with them. Whether their grandfather worked on the boat, or they have fond memories of riding the ship each summer, there is bond and pride that cannot be quantified.”

Lake Michigan Carferry is owned by James Anderson, Bob Manglitz and Don Clingan.

The Business of the Year will be announced during the chamber’s annual dinner, Saturday, May 2, at Lincoln Hills Golf Club.