The Millennials: Balancing business with art.

April 18, 2015
Amanda Claus works in her studio

Amanda Claus works in her studio

all_access_sponsorship_100114Editor’s Note: Sustaining a community and keeping it vibrant requires diversity on many levels, especially among age groups. An unintended movement the last few years has been the increased number of millennials who have taken a role in community and business leadership in Mason County. A millennial, also known as Generation Y, is defined as a person who was born from the early ‘80s to the 2000s.. This generation grew up in the digital age and often offers a unique and fresh perspective to leadership.

This is the 10th story in our series on the area’s millennials who are making an impact in our community.

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By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

HAMLIN TWP. — Amanda Claus got into pottery when she was in middle school. After graduating from Ludington High School, the now-28-year-old went to college to study business and art. Today, she owns Magic Mud Ceramics, based in Hamlin Twp. and manages Riverflats Coffee & Tea in Pere Marquette Twp. See the mcp video short about Amanda here: Video.



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