Ludington sidewalk replacement ordinance change proposal.

March 23, 2015

LUDINGTON — A proposed amendment to the city code would require homebuyers to pay 50% of the cost of installing a new sidewalk, where non exists, when they buy a home. If the ordinance is passed at the next city council meeting, homebuyers would also be required to pay 50% of the cost of replacing sidewalks that are in need of replacing.

Earlier in the year the council had proposed a similar ordinance which required home sellers to pay the matching portions. After concerns were expressed by citizens, the amendment was sent back to committee, which made the wording adjustments.

Property owners in the downtown development authority district would be exempt from the matching requirements because they currently pay an additional 1.6080 mills in property taxes to maintain existing infrastructure.

The city’s existing ordinance already requires homeowners to voluntarily replace their sidewalks at 50% of the cost when needed. It also calls for special assessment situations when a trip-and-fall claim is made, for the homeowner to match 50% of the costs.

The change in the ordinance is the third part of the sidewalk ordinance which states that when a property is sold it must be inspected. If it is need of replacement, absent an agreement that states otherwise, the seller must pay 50% of the cost to the replaced sidewalk. The current ordinance does not require building new sidewalks.

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