A gift to the community.

December 20, 2014

st_johns_donationBy Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief.

LUDINGTON — The congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church has spread some Christmas cheer this season that’s sure to touch many lives. Earlier this week, the church gave out almost $20,000 to various community programs. The community came from two bequests the church received nearly two years ago totaling almost $1 million.

After receiving the bequests, the church members were asked for ideas. After a meeting was held, a committee was formed. Some of the funds were used to re-carpet and paint the sanctuary and to install a new sound system.

The committee then decided to give to community groups. Those groups receiving funds this year included: The Mason County Allied Veterans Council, $5,000; Mason County Central Meals-on-Wheels program, $5,000; The Salvation Army Food Bank, $4,000; United Methodist Church of Ludington Coats and Boots for Kids program, $2,000; MCC Student Support Services, $2,000; Oak Tree Academy, $2,000; Sarah and Justin Ray of Prayer and Praise Assembly of God, mission trip to Haiti, $200.

Additional funds were given to the Lutheran Missouri Synod, $2,000, the church’s district council, $2,000 and Lutheran Missions Circuit, $1,000.

Committee member Carolyn Kirwan said the church plans on giving financial gifts annually.

Lisa Cooper, director of Oak Tree Academy, said the money will be used to help the new child care academy purchase some needed equipment. “We are still finding out there are things that we need that we hadn’t thought of when we opened a few months ago,” Cooper said. “This money will be useful for filling some of those needs.”

Denise Jones of Mason County Central, said the student support services purchases clothing and resources for students who are financial need. She said the money will be used to help offset costs.

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