Sheriff deputies spread some Christmas cheer.

December 18, 2014

Editor’s Note: Recently, it seems law enforcement has gotten some bad publicity in the national media. Here in Mason County, Michigan, there’s a different story that most likely won’t make headlines anywhere else. We think it’s worth sharing:

John Mickevich of Ludington was driving on U.S. 10 when he got pulled over by a Mason County sheriff deputy for a burned out light on his vehicle. John reported on his Facebook wall that the deputy asked for license, insurance and registration.

“All was in order, then he gave me a $5 gift card to McDonald’s and said ‘merry Christmas from the sheriff’s department.’ I guess I know where I am going for lunch today.

“Thank you Mason County Sheriff’s Department!” John wrote.

Sheriff Kim Cole said the sheriff’s office sergeants buy the gift cards with their personal money.

“I got the best guys here,” Cole said.

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