Photographic prints from a professional lab make great Christmas presents.

December 10, 2014

25offCanvasMPL_165x330This site is brought to you free through the generosity of our advertisers. Today we would like to feature a new advertiser,, the official photographic lab of Media Group 31 (our parent company) and Alway Photography.

Are you tired of getting photos made from your digital files only to have them fade away in a year or two? brings a professional experience to the masses. is a division of Grand Rapids-based Corporate Color, a western Michigan fixture since 1980, that specializes in high quality photographic output for professional photographers and corporate clients.

“The digital age has opened opportunities to capture images with a multitude of devices but we also run the risk of losing those irreplaceable images (memories) due to device failure or obsolescence,” said Kathleen Taylor of “Recognizing the importance of sharing that message, MyProLab was launched to provide archival quality photographic products to Michigan residents.

“MyProLab offers a wide variety of photographic products including photographic prints, greeting cards, books, home décor, ornaments, gift products and more.”

Images can be uploaded from Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox accounts as well as from a computer.   Turn-around time varies depending on the product but, as an example, a high quality canvas wrap (on sale at 25% off through December 23) can be produced in 3-4 days.   “MyProLab products aren’t throw-aways,” Taylor said. “They’re produced to be enjoyed for decades to come.  We like to say don’t take your images to a pharmacy or warehouse where you buy milk and diapers.”

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