Ludington man sentenced to jail for marijuana possession, parole violation

December 2, 2014


LUDINGTON — A Ludington man will serve 10 months in the Mason County Jail for possessing marijuana and violating the terms of his parole. He may also face prison time for violating parole.

Daniel John Horowski, 31, of 916 E. Ludington Ave., Ludington, was arrested Sept. 7 by Ludington Police Department in the parking lot behind the Alley Bar near South James Street. At the time of his arrest, Horowski told the police he was not on parole or probation. He also refused a portable breathalyzer test (PBT). He later allowed the PBT where he blew a .02 blood alcohol content.

At the time of his arrest, Horowski concealed marijuana in his buttocks and smuggled it into the Mason County Jail.

Horowski appeared in 51st Circuit Court today for his sentencing.

Defense attorney David Glancy requested a lighter jail sentence, citing many states have legalized marijuana and many Michigan municipalities have made it a civil infraction.

Though marijuana possession is typically a misdemeanor, Horowski was charged with a felony because of his repeat offender status.

Judge Richard Cooper said because of Horowski’s criminal history and because he smuggled drugs into the jail, he would serve the 10 months in jail and he will not get credit for the almost 90 days he has served in jail so far.

Once he serves his time in jail here, he will then be placed back into the Michigan Department of Corrections system and may face additional prison time for violating his parole. He had been paroled from a prison sentence for a 2006 burglary conviction.

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