Lindsay’s Furniture, keeping it local.

November 28, 2014

Business Feature.

Editor’s note: Saturday is Small Business Saturday. Here at MCP we rely on our locally-owned small businesses to advertise on our site, allowing this service to be free to you. We also take pride in being the only locally owned text-based media in Mason County. We re-invest our funds by doing business with local banks, local insurance agents and of course, local retailers. We encourage you to do the same, in the long run it will mean a stronger local economy. Today, we feature one of those great local businesses, Lindsay’s Furniture, located in downtown Ludington.

By Kate Krieger. Senior Correspondent.

LUDINGTON – Selling style and comfort at affordable prices, Lindsay’s Furniture has offered Mason County a large variety of furniture and accessories for over 38 years. One of the oldest retailers still open in Ludington, Lindsay’s continues to cater to a wide range of decorating tastes.

Opening in Scottville in May 1976, Lindsay’s stayed in that location for five years before moving to its current location at 114 East Ludington Avenue.

Owners, Jim and Sue Lindsay say they both really appreciate all of the business that their customers have provided them over the years and that business has afforded them the ability to continue to special offering, great selections of merchandise and very competitive prices, even as the economy and styles have changed.

“Things have changed a lot,” Sue says. “The local customer is extremely important to us and to we try to serve them well.”

Sue says it is the store’s priority to offer prices that are competitive to the big city, as well as the large selection of products.

“If we do not sell it, we can probably order it,” Sue says. “Our big features are special ordering and design services.”

Lindsay’s offers free design services to customers purchasing their furniture and accessories. The service has become quite popular with not only locals, but seasonal residents as well. The service makes it a lot easier for people moving into a home that essentially is a blank canvas. It can assist with creating the look people want, without them having to try and create it themselves or having to move everything on their own, Sue says.

“We have a broad line of accessories,” designer Dolores Magee says. “A lot of our things are very unique. We really tailor to what the customer is looking for.”

Dolores says they continue to follow the changing trends and they make sure the store is offering those trends, along with the classic staple items.

“We follow the trends of Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, but we can offer it for a lot less money,” she says. “We really can knock off that same look for less.”

Another great side of offering such a wide variety of unique accessories is that someone who is visiting the area might not be able to take home a large piece of furniture, but they can take home something smaller.

“We have a lot of tourist traffic,” Dolores says. “They won’t be able to take home a sofa, but they will take home a lamp or a really cool bowl. They will have that item and it’s still a little piece of Ludington.”

Whether looking for furniture or buying a gift for someone, Lindsay’s Furniture has many different selections in wide varieties of styles that can fit into almost anyone’s décor taste or budget.

“We really do have great gifts,” Sue says. “If people don’t support the local businesses, there won’t continue to be jobs here. Buying things elsewhere is not helping out the community.”

For more information, call Lindsay’s Furniture at 231-843-2564 or visit them online at


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