About telematics.

November 21, 2014

erin_doan_agency 031514Today’s cars can do more than get you from point A to point B, thanks to something called telematics — a standard feature on many new vehicles.

What Is Telematics?

Telematics is the transmission of computer data via cell or land connection. There are two types of telematics systems:

  • Embedded systems come with built-in cell phone connections.
  • Non-embedded systems tether your cell phone’s wireless network to the vehicle with a cable or Bluetooth connection.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Assistance: Whether drivers have an emergency, need directions or just want to make reservations at a nearby restaurant, telematics systems connect drivers to the appropriate live support. Some systems offer turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Convenience: Many systems offer access to email, weather, traffic reports, stock quotes — even social media.
  • Safety: Newer telematics systems can locate or track a car with GPS — whether it’s stolen or you can’t remember where you parked. Some systems also can monitor your car’s diagnostics, automatically detect collisions, and remotely lock and unlock doors.

Insurance companies can use telematics systems to monitor and reward your driving. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program helps you control how much you save on your insurance premiums. Drive Safe & Save with In-Drive monitors mileage and—depending on your state—driving characteristics using an easy-to-install communicator. It only collects location information for included safety and security features, such as stolen vehicle and roadside assistance. It does not otherwise monitor exact vehicle location.

Drive Safe & Save with OnStar and Drive Safe & Save with SYNC both base the discount on actual mileage driven from odometer readings received through the telematics system. Drive less and save more. It’s that easy.

What Should You Purchase?

You can choose from several features for telematics systems. To help determine which is right for you, ask yourself what you’ll benefit from the most. Keep in mind: Most of these systems come pre-installed and are activated at no charge after a new vehicle purchase, but a monthly or annual subscription charge typically applies beyond the trial period.

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