Reader: Spaniola devoted to the community and profession.

October 29, 2014

Spaniola Letter to the Editor  for Mason County Press

Letter to the Editor: 

I have known Paul Spaniola since our kids grew up together a couple houses away. I have always known him to be an exemplary neighbor and citizen of Mason County.

You can tell a lot about a person watching them interact with their children and your children and hundreds of other children. I watched Paul in his volunteer role as a soccer referee for years. He was always positive, kind, even-keeled and—above all—fair. I would place my trust in Paul to do his best for his children, my children and your children.

I have followed Paul Spaniola’s performance as prosecutor closely and from my perspective I cannot imagine anyone being more unbiased, fair and ethical. I am a Coast Guard veteran, having served 33 years in the Coast Guard Reserve. The Coast Guard’s core values are: Honor. Respect. Devotion to duty. I think Paul Spaniola exemplifies those values in his family life, in his community service and his professional performance.

Bottom line: Not only is Paul Spaniola a skilled, experienced and outstanding county prosecutor, he has for years shown himself to be the kind of person who puts service above self. I believe Paul Spaniola has always acted as prosecutor in a manner he honestly believes to be in the public’s best interest. I am certain he will continue to do so as circuit court judge.


Todd Reed



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