Reader embarrassed about wounded warriors.

October 24, 2014

Letter to the Editor:

How do you feel about the wounded warrior adds on TV?  Well they embarrass me and they should embarrass you.  They remind me of the TV spots to sponsor the unfortunate kids in third world countries (these ads show unfortunate people in unforgiving circumstances, not of their own making—I do not find these requests for assistance offensive).

I don’t deny the need for the aide requested for the wounded warrior project, I don’t fault the wounded warrior project—but why is our government, the people who sent these men and women into battle,  not fully living up to their responsibility to take care of  these wounded soldiers.

The government will spend billions on foreign aide,  billions on new weapons systems—but they are unwilling to spend what is necessary to help those harmed both physically and mentally whose wounds they facilitated by sending them in harm’s way.  Rather they wait for us to cover their cowardice and neglect.

I write to my elected officials regarding many issues such as the above—regardless of party affiliation or issue I usually receive a form letter thanking me for my concern.  The letter may , but  usually does not relate to the subject I wrote about.  The response letter is simply advertising their position on whatever is the hot button for them at the time.

This rant is an open letter to my elected officials—why do we have to have a charity asking for money to take care of our wounded—if the wounded warrior project is a scam prosecute them – if the need is real, then introduce legislation to remedy the problem.

So, Rep. Dan Benishek, Rep.Bill Huizenga, Sen. Carl Levin, & Sen. Debbie Stabenow   why is there a wounded warrior project—what is your plan (not your position) to resolve this embarrassment.

Frank Svetkovich

Free Soil

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