Dillon and college part ways.

October 20, 2014
Charles Dillon

Charles Dillon

‘I have never been in favor of rewarding bad behavior or poor performance,’ Trustee Bruce Smith.

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

VICTORY TWP. — After 16 years as president of West Shore Community College, Charles Dillon has retired, effective today. The college’s board of trustees agreed to a separation agreement with Dillon during its regular monthly meeting today. Dillon will walk away with about a $207,000 settlement with the college, far less than his contract, which expires in 2018, stipulates.

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The college’s board voted unanimously to accept the retirement, 6-0, with one trustee absent. However, not all board members were happy about the settlement.

“Unlike what some people may think or believe, I didn’t make up my mind about this until about 10 minutes before the vote,” trustee Bruce Smith of Scottville said. “I wrestled with this diligently since the process began

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

“Sometimes a person would rather be right than happy. I’m not happy but the vote was the right vote to take. I’m not happy about this situation. I’m not happy that we had to go through this situation. I’m not happy about any part but other than the fact that the college can move forward.”

Trustee Steve Urka complimented board Chairman Jim Jensen on his leadership through Dillon’s suspension. “This has been just about the toughest 90 day period that an unpaid employee has ever had,” Urka said, referring to Jensen, who is not compensated for his role as chairman.

Other trustees thanked the college’s staff for assistance through the process.

“I’d like to thank the community as a whole for its support for this board and to me,” Jensen said. “It’s been astounding to me the number of people who have come up to me and wished me luck and also to explain that they understood that we were going about this in the proper manner.”

The board will most likely begin the process of searching for a new president at its next meeting in November. Until that time, Scott Ward, vice president, remains acting president.


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