Reader questions gas prices and politics.

October 17, 2014

Letter to the Editor: 

Fact: The winter of 2013-2014 was colder and snowier than in recent years.

Fact: There was a real LP gas shortage that caused prices to sky rocket.

Fact: One or more LP gas distributors were or are being investigated for price gouging,

Fact: I have observed gasoline prices consistently vary as much as 5 to 10 cents per gallon in one county when the stores selling the gas are owned and operated by the same distributor.

Fact: Gasoline prices over the last few years have fluctuated up and down on almost all holiday weekends and even on normal weekends.


Is raising the prices on holiday weekends supposed to prevent people from driving as much thus saving the nation’s and state’s gas supplies or is it to increase the profits of the distributor’s when the consumer is vulnerable?

Is it justified to vary prices by as much as 5 to 10 cents a gallon within the same county just because there is only one place to purchase gas in that area? It can’t be because it cost that much to transport it to the locations as they are within 10 miles of highways the transports travel on daily.

Question: Is this not a form of price gouging?

Fact: Ray Franz and the other Republicans political signs are on property owned by these distributors.


Could Ray Franz and other politicians be blinded by their glossy signs on said properties to the extent they can’t see that these prices are set and fluctuating depending on the vulnerability of the consumer?

Could it be the donations to the committee to elect Ray Franz from Marathon Petroleum Corp and Michigan Petroleum PAC (Found on Michigan Campaign Statement Contributions)?

Fact: Ray Franz is proud to have signs the NRA only supports Ray Franz. He has them on property owned by business owners.


Shouldn’t all politicians have only one special interest, that being the people they are elected to represent?

Fact: There are far more voters in our district than there are business owners.

Fact: You can belong to the NRA and not always agree with them or vote as they suggest. I doubt they take a poll of their membership or even personally know the candidates they back. To suggest that all democrats are anti gun and will work to take yours away is B.S.

Fact: We the vulnerable and deserving people of the 101st District representative and districts 34 and 35 senators can demand that we are the number one special interest our representative and senators should be concerned about.

Let’s show them who the real special interests are November 4, 2014.

Robert A. Wilson

Fountain, MI.


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