Concerns with Scottville garbage bags.

September 22, 2014

Letter to the Editor by Bill Brooks, Scottville.

To the taxpayers of Scottville:
In an email about a year ago to the city manager I suggested a ready serve tax to those of us who are snowbirds. It was announced a few hours before tonight’s meeting that it would be discussed. It was my reasoning that the excessive costs of and water and sewer should be shared equitably by all.

However, subsequent to this the city has imposed another indirect tax of charging $1.20 for 20 cent garbage bags so as to use a supplier  who underbid  a local company by $13,000. All this does is free up more money for administration and impose another indirect tax on taxpayers.

We the taxpayers are providing a part time nontaxpaying police chief a vehicle to travel to his residence. At what point will the city manager and council understand that they are taxing the businesses and residents beyond their capacity?

Is Main Street not losing  a long time business at this time?

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