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September 5, 2014

mcplogobox100Do you own a business in Mason or Oceana counties and want to increase your marketing at an affordable price? Do you know that the largest spending group are those between the ages of 25 and 55? This is also the age group that predominantly relies on the Internet for its news and information. Sixty-seven percent of the readers of Mason County Press and Oceana County Press are within this age group.

Last week, Mason County Press’ Facebook page reached 35,000 people while 8,000 were actively engaged on the page; Oceana County Press’ Facebook page reached 28,000 people with 6,000 people actively engaged on the page. had over 42,700 page views last week while had over 9,000 page views. Those figures increase weekly.

Did you also know that women, on average, are the main purchasers in a household? Seventy percent of MCP and OCP readers are women.

We offer a variety of marketing strategies for your business and we are the area exports on social networking. Contact Sales and Marketing Representative Justin Ray to help you out: or 206-883-7067 (local number, text or phone).

Mason County Press and Oceana County Press are owned and operated by Media Group 31, LLC, 405 N. Main St., Scottville, MI 49454; Rob Alway, president and editor-in-chief.

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