Responders recognized for saving bee sting victim’s life.

September 3, 2014
From left: Boyd, Mike and Jody Hanis, Dancz, Kelsey.

From left: Boyd, Mike and Jody Hanis, Dancz, Kelsey.

By Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

AMBER TWP. — On the evening of Saturday, Aug. 23, Jody Hanis went through an experience that no one hopes will happen to them. Her husband, Mike, started complaining about having difficulty breathing. He had been stung by a bee. The issue became severe to the point that Jody called 911.

Mike Hanis, left, speaks to his rescuers.

Mike Hanis, left, speaks to his rescuers.

At that time, Mason-Oceana 911 dispatch supervisor Pat Dancz started to gather information. Dancz found out what was going on and where the Hanis’ lived, Hidden Forest modular home park off of Dennis Road. In about a 4 minute period, Mike collapsed and stopped breathing. His heart went into arterial fibrillation. He was in anaphylactic shock. Calmly, Dancz started to give Jody instructions on how to perform CPR. Within another three minutes, MNason County Sheriff Deputy Kyle Boyd showed up and started assisting. Three more minutes, Lt. Scott Kelsey of Pere Marquette Fire Dept. arrived on scene.

Soon, more medical first responders from P.M. Fire Dept. arrived along with paramedics from Life EMS ambulance.

Mike was revived and then taken to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. Because the intensive care unit there was full, he was eventually transported to Mercy Hospital in Muskegon, where he was treated and released the following morning.

“I’ve never been so thankful in my life for all the help I received that night,” Jody said. “I learned CPR a long time ago but never had to do it. I never thought it would be on my husband.”

Jody and Mike have been married for 41 years. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the first responders, including 911 dispatch, the sheriff’s office and the fire department, they will likely spend many more together.

On Wednesday afternoon, the sheriff’s office held a ceremony at the Pere Marquette Township Hall honoring Dancz, Boyd and Kelsey. Mike and Jody, along with several of their family members were present as well as a variety of representatives from emergency services and government.

Sheriff Kim Cole praised the efforts of the three honorees, making note that they each were humble about the experience.

“To this day, Dep. Boyd has yet to speak to me about this incident,” Cole said. “He said very little in his report besides the fact that he showed up, performed CPR and went on with his shift. Pat asked me today why we were making a big deal about honoring her and Scott and I spoke very briefly a few weeks back when we ran into each other in a local restaurant.

“This is the type of people who serve this community,” Cole said. “They serve to help people not to receive praise. But, we feel they deserve recognition and I’m sure the Hanis family does as well.”

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