Meet the Merry Widows

August 21, 2014

merry_widowsBy Rob Alway. Editor-in-Chief. 

SCOTTVILLE — Once a month a group of women get together for fellowship, food and fun. They call themselves the Merry Widows, appropriately because they are all widows.

The group started as a support system for four women who attend Bachelor Church in Sheridan Township. While the core is still affiliated with Bachelor, it has expanded to include others.

“This started as a way for us to share what we have each gone through,” said Shelia Carter, the group’s founder. “We depend on one another and we get together to have a good time. We meet the third Wednesday of every month and do different things.”

This month, the group met for tea at the historic George Mack house at 110 N. Columbia Ave. Built in 1907, the house is now home to John and Lisa Runk.

The group has taken overnight trips together to places such as Mackinaw Island and Frankenmuth. They always have Thanksgiving and Christmas meals as well.

“We always eat,” one of the ladies shouted out.

“This is basically a good support group,” Shelia said. “We get together, we laugh, we talk, we pray. We also keep in touch with one another throughout the month. Getting together as a group is just a time to see how everyone’s doing. And, most importantly, we really have a good time together.

“Losing your spouse is a feeling that never goes away but it does get easier, especially with a good support system,” Shelia said.

Eats & Drinks

Eats & Drinks